Dell 968 & print spooler


I recently updated my desktop machine from Vista to Windows 7. I have been using a Dell 968 to print.

Following the upgrade, when I try to print anything other than a test page, the printer initially gives a status of printing but then this rapidly changes to "Deleting - Printing - Printed" and the job vanished from the queue. I have re-installed the printer driver and gone back to the Vista driver without any success. The printer works fine with my other machine which is newly upgraded to Windows 7 and with a Windows XP machine that I am not upgrading.

I thought this might be a problem with the print spooler but is seems that cleanspl.exe will not work on Windows 7. I have also stopped and re-started the print spooler without any success.

If anyone has any ideas of what I might try next then I would be really grateful.


Hi guys

Thanks for both those suggestions. Unfortunately neither works. I remove all printers from the system. I then re-installed the 968 with the Vista driver and with the one that reghackr suggested. I still get the same error message and the job still vanished out of the queue.

I also ran the fix printer wizard which reports no problems.

In XP this problems would have suggested a problem with the print spooler.

Does anyone have any other thoughts?

Thanks a lot.



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Hello Michael.
Howe rare these downloads packaged. Are they ,exe files or .zip files.

Maybe we can extract the contents of one of these downloads and use the .,inf file to start the installation peocess.


They are .zip files.

However, the driver does seem to install OK. I can print a test page fine just not print from any documents. This is why I wondered, looking at what I found online for the error message, if this might be a spooler problem.

But I am very grateful for any ideas.



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But when you unzip them, don't run setup, see if there is an ..inf file located in those files,.

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