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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by rlardin, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    is there a way to get the Dell A920 printer to work on Vista Dell is clueless I have a Demension 8400 with 1geg of memory. :(
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    I found no Windows Vista driver for it.

    The Windows XP driver is here.

    If this blows up your system, don't blame me. ;)
  3. what's a geg?
  4. i just got out of dell support and they do not have the driver for vista yet i was told they would within a month
  5. "Der neue Betriebsystem wird offiziell erst Ende Januar an die Endverbraucher geliefert.
    Danach werden zuerst die Treiber für neue Produkte aktualisiert für Vista, und erst danach kommen die neuen Revisionen der Treiber für alte Produkte.
    Weil der A920-er Drucker schon mehr als ein Jahr nicht mehr gebaut wird, fürchte Ich das es sogar keinen Vista Fähigen Treiber geben wird."

    This reply is from the Dell support after me requesting Vista drivers for the Dell A920!

    In English (translated by myself ~~):

    "The new OS will be delivered officially to the end consumer the end of January.
    After the release drivers for the new products will be the first being updated for vista, and not until then new revisions of drivers for old products are released.
    Since the A920 printer isn't produced for a year now, I'am afraid there even won't be any Vista driver at all."

    Yeah! Dell you really kick ass... And I even bought 50$ cartridges for that damn thing..
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    it looks loket there will be a vista driver in april for the A920
    The windows vista update has a working scanner driver.

    check the dell support page
    Dell - Support
  7. Ditto for the Lexmark range. Don`t they look very similar.!! Lexmark announces vista drivers for all in one`s on their hompage and when you go there all it says is "Coming Soon". So am I .

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