Dell DVD drawer

Did anyone else get stuck with the stupid software operated DVD drawer? I have software where I'm required to swich CDs. When many of the windows are open, they lack a "collapse" option. So I have to close the windows till I get a "collapse" option. Then I can open the drawer to swich CDs. Compared to just hitting a button.... it's maddening.... I was hoping for some shortcut that could be moved to the taskbar or a combo key option. I haven't found anything.


I'm sure i seen something like a drive mounting sidebar gadget when looking for something totally different or there this Download CD Ejector 1.0 - Displays a list of CD/DVD drives on your computer and allows you to eject or close them - Softpedia but dunno if works on win7
Thanks Highwayman. That worked. Issue solved.


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NP glad it was a quick fix.

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