Dell Inspiron 1420: No Sound!!!

Hey guys I have a little problem here, I'm running Windows 7 (RC) on my Dell Inspiron 1420 with the stock hardware and I noticed that my speakers do not output any audio. I have Win7 dual boot with vista and I can hear everything fine on vista but the only way for me to hear anything in se7en is to plug in headphones of some sort.

any help is much needed and appreciated, thanks.

*ps I searched for drivers on the windows thing but it said they were up to date

actually never mind, I had to manually search for drivers, found it eventually.

***Mods can lock, problem resolved.

I have a inspiron 1420. Should I be worried about getting 7 screwing up my sound ?

where did you find the driver? just on the window's driver's website (its so easy to find specific drivers when there are sooo many....)

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