Dell launches Precision 3450 Small Form Factor and Precision 3650 Tower workstations


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Dell has launched the brand-new Precision 3450 Small Form Factor and Precision 3650 Tower workstations to help creative users bring more of their big ideas and projects to life. [caption id="attachment_175641" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dell Precision 3450 tower workstation Dell Precision 3450 tower workstation[/caption] Dell Precision Workstations, which run on Windows 10, are built to handle editing, designing and CAD workflows – performance-intensive tasks which require significant processing power and rely on professional grade processors, storage and graphics. These newest devices come with the latest 11th Gen Intel Core or Xeon W-1300 processors and faster memory speeds of up to 3200MHz. Ideal for those working with large data sets, or 2D and 3D CAD, they feature PCI Express Gen 4 graphics and storage capabilities configured with the latest NVIDIA and AMD professional graphics options. They also offer scalable, RAID capable storage to deliver plenty of room for every project. [caption id="attachment_175640" align="alignright" width="300"] Dell Precision 3650 workstation tower Dell Precision 3650 workstation tower[/caption] In a blog post, Tom Tobul, vice president of Specialty Client Solutions, Dell Technologies, highlights how Dell Precision workstation users are driving innovation, such as Chris Priddy, owner of Fiveten Giant, which specializes in cutting edge animations, virtual reality models and interactive simulations. He has been using a Dell Precision 3630 Tower workstation. “Most artists don’t want to think about technology, they just want to create art,” Priddy says. “The [Dell Precision] workstation cached the same simulations faster than my other machine, providing me the ability to complete twice the work in the same amount of time.” Read more on the Dell Technologies Blog. Lead image: Dell Precision tower workstations

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