Dell Mini 5 is no longer Mini

Discussion in 'Linux Forums' started by whoosh, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Well the Dell Mini 5 is no longer Mini with larger (iPad like, shall we say?) versions spotted already. The Dell Streak as the new version is being referred as is said to offer a 7″ & 10″ model. Dell Streak would add up to the increasing list of iPad competitors powered by Android OS and would go on sale sometime later this year (10″ version is said to be a 2011 release though.) What looks a much more exciting than a Androd tablet is the Windows 7 based HP Slate and fact remains that the bunch of Android tablets that we have seen have been far from impressive. Steve Jobs pitches this as a new way to compute, HP Slate gives a all in one handheld PC and others are just following with some like Notion Ink banking on innovative hardware (must admit that the backside trackpad is geeky!)
    While the Dell Mini 5 left us puzzled over its utility beyond a smartphone, the Dell Mini / Streak range we see now makes me think if they are targeting the ebook / digital media market? If so, perhaps Google should do something to get Android ready to handle media content from publishers without much hassle, but who knows the Chrome OS tablet might just drop by as a surprise sometime soon!

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