Dell Studio 1555 freezes when try to open F12 Boot Options

Hi Everyone
I have received a new Dell Studio 1555 with Windows 7 64-bit pre-installed. I enjoy having both windows and linux for different reasons, so would like to install Ubuntu Linux and dual boot with windows 7. When I start my machine the Dell logo appears with options to open Setup F2 or Boot Option F12, when I try setup nothing happens and goes straight to booting windows and when I try to open boot open the system freezes.

I have tried pressing buttons many time and holding them, nothing just works. Anyone with the same problem or solution?


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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
The menu you're attempting to open is actually the BIOS boot device menu.
Have you already made a new partition and installed Linux? If so, try pressing F8 until a boot menu appears.
Post back with results.


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F2 should work without regard to an OS. Do you have an option for F Lock to allow the F keys? The F2 key you need to start tapping it fairly early, or you will miss the opportunity.

Is there a Dell bios setup utility once you are in Windows?

I have the exact same problem with the exact same computer !!! If someone has the solution to access boot menu ???

But I also have the answer to your question to install Ubuntu !
You just download the iso file of the last version of Ubuntu on your computer and then you read it with daemon tools. After that you can install Ubuntu on windows and at the start of your computer you can choose betwin thz two. It works very well !
But what I want is to keep only Ubuntu because windows is bugging... I'm bored of it even if I paid it...

So how do we manage that !!!


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F12 is normally used for choosing a boot device, if I remember correctly. If you are dual booting and do not have your installs on separate drives, you will need to set up Win 7, or Ubuntu to show a boot menu.

There is a program that helps with dual boot situations, called EasyBCD from NeoSmart Technologies. This site also has a good Wiki that explains dual booting and how to make it work.

Double booting is not my problem...

Booting on CD is my porblem... And I think it's specific to Dell studio 1555 computers...

Try pressing the F12 key once it has booted up.


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All I might suggest is making sure you start tapping the key early enough. Also try using Fn+F12. If you can get F8 to work, then F12 should work.

Have you checked the F12 key for operation?

Have you put the Setup (F2 during boot) to use Function keys first? This really should not be effective during boot, but something to check.

If none of these key combinations will work, check your bios to see if there is an update.

I tried all of this... And I have the last version of the BIOS. I even reflashed it to see if there was any difference...

What I need would be a software that changes the boot sequence directly from windows. Because I saw that I could change it with msdos comands but I really don't know how to do...


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The way the boot sequence is normally done with a DVD is you set the priority in the bios to boot to DVD first. If you have non-bootable Media in the DVD, it is ignored. If you have bootable media, you will get a message saying to hit a key if you want to boot to the DVD.

You have had bootable media in the DVD drive when you hit F-12?

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