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We are pleased to announce today that we have finalized an agreement with Dell to bring you additional support from Dell Support agents.

Dell Support Agents will always appear with their username in blue and their title listed as "Verified Dell Support Agent". The Dell logo will be present on the user title section of their username. You can use this to validate who is, and who is not, a Dell representative.

Our Privacy Policy makes it possible for us to work with third party companies to help our community get priority support by allowing for Dell agents to use the website and solicit information, like your service tag, from you. This will usually be done in private message to protect your identity.

As this is a pilot program, just starting today and tomorrow, we will see how it goes. We have opted out of non-North American support agents at this time. Jesse has worked for over a decade in providing online support solutions for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8. It was extremely considerate of Dell executives to contact me over the last several days to get this project off the ground:

Verified Dell Support Agents may:

  • Post links to download to a driver, BIOS update, or official Dell software.
  • Post links to lengthy Dell instructional articles.
  • Use URLs to help them track support success ratios.
  • Bypass normal RMA requirements, allowing members, who are also Dell customers, to receive important help in areas that would normally require a considerable amount of phone support.
  • Post preventative assistance articles when certain critical patches or knowledge base information becomes available.

All Verified Dell Support Agents on our website are specifically familiar with the capabilities and limitations of all Dell hardware and software. The current list of Verified Dell Support Agents includes:


Do not reveal personally identifiable information to anyone who is not listed as a "Verified Dell Support Agent" with the official Dell logo under their title:


The logo seen above must be positioned as a ranked title under the "Verified Dell Support Agent" username title, with the username in blue.

As with all members, Dell agents are not authorized to market products on our site, or to violate our Terms of Service agreement. The scope of their authority on the site, however, is expanded in its form when it comes to end-user assistance. To further clarify, this is in no way a monetary partnership with Dell. It is however, a major support partnership, that we hope to expand upon and continue with well into the future.

I would like to thank the Global Director of Social Outreach Programs at Dell, Jason Duty, and especially Travis Bailey, Dell Project Program Management Advisor, who I have now worked with and established a great repertoire with when it comes to the needs of our members and visitors. Their goals are very simply to:

  • Help and support Dell customers around the world
  • Improve Dell Support availability on 3rd party websites.
  • Establish partnerships with support-driven websites and social networking sites.

If a member messages you privately claiming to be a verified Dell employee, service agent, or representative, and has not been listed here or does not have the branding associated with their account, please retain the message, do not reply, and Contact Us immediately. Verified Dell Support Agents do not have moderator or administrative authority on the website. They cannot close threads or moderate the content of a thread at this time. They can, however, report any such problematic issues to us, as we have a direct line of contact with each verified agent, as well as with the highly professional executives and personnel who run their online support programs.

We ask that you do not solicit Verified Dell Support Agents directly through private message, but that you continue to post your question(s) to our support area. This is where Dell employee(s) will be looking to respond to questions regarding Dell customer inquiries. If you do not start a thread about your problem, the chances of an answer being received is greatly reduced, and other members with similar problems will not have the chance to ask a question of Dell support representatives or find an answer. You may be contacted through private message for service tag or additional information and then responses will be returned, generally, on the thread you started or are participating in.

Due to potential language barriers, and additional considerations, we have specifically asked for Dell North American support at this time, and not offshore assistance from Dell representatives in India. We may change this policy as time goes on.

As with all members on our site, whether they are members of our volunteer staff, premium supporters, Microsoft MVPs, certified IT professionals, or average members, we ask that you treat all members with respect and kindness, just as you would like to be treated.

A great deal of time and planning has been put into this venture to extend additional quality support to our visitors and to help make Dell's presence known on our website. It is with great excitement and hope for the future that I make this announcement.

Please do not hesitate reply to this thread to address any concerns or interest that you may have in this support program. While normal members cannot make forum announcements, they can reply to them without difficulty. I promise to read all feedback that comes our way, and we will continue to work at a high level with Dell executives to make sure that the program is of high quality.

Whereas we are doing everything in our power to provide our visitors and members with premium assistance at no cost, I, as well as the rest of our volunteers, officially welcome Dell Support to our website, as they now join our family of support personnel who already use the website to provide so much assistance to others. This includes extremely altruistic and highly commendable regular members, and our entire volunteer team, both past and present. Please welcome Dell Support!

Michael Fara
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I don't know if you did already or how, but in my opinion, this definitely should get some publicity on the forum so existing members and guests (non-registered visitors) should know about this. It should be conveyed powerfully but simplified and not too much technicality. My 2 cents.


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zvit: There was a link to this announcement placed in the support forums, and also sent via e-mail. This is a public announcement that has been syndicated to multiple social networking sites, as well.



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Wow, this sounds fantastic! I hope this works out well.

I was notified of the addition of Dell support agents by email a few minutes ago. I'm a computer tech in Dallas, Texas, so I deal with a lot of Dell computers. I would like to learn more about making them work.


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An excellent addition to the MS Windows-7 Forum. Thank you, DELL.


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We welcome the incoming support from the Dell service agent, now working in unison with Windows7 support forums. It is refreshing to see someone with technical expertise providing assistance. Again, welcome aboard, and we hope that the agreement may be a long standing account.


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Windows 7 Forum,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to helping users with their Dell Computer questions or concerns on the Windows 7 Forum. .


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Hello Jesse,
to Windows 7 Forums, glad to have you aboard.

This Support Program is a grand addition to Windows 7 Forums.



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Welcome to you. I've never had a Dell computer, I prefer self-built ones. But, being the blind rooster that sometimes finds a grain of corn, I'll hope you drop some along the way. Purely selfish here, I could do some learning.

Cheers, the whole gang! :)

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