Dell vostro 1400 laptop..working too slow- idle mode its showing cpu utilisation around 50 perc


I have dell vostro 1400... in idle mode its showing cpu utilisation around 50 perc and sometime it touches even 100perc..

why it is happening and what can be done to make it perform more better.

please help!!1!

i have also attached my laptop dxdiag file for better understandings....


What anti-virus program are you using? Try turning it off and see how the machine performs then.

i am using Avast antivirus...


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Hello and a warm welcome back to the forums to both of you :)

What programs do you have on your computer, anything that you can think would immediately cause this? Check your task manager and and set refresh speed to high, then sort by CPU usage highest>lowest, watch for programs using higher percentages and post them here if you're unsure of what they are.
Have you defragged recently? Run a disk cleanup first, then defrag. If you (or Windows) haven't done this recently, you should notice an immense improvement afterwards. I'd also suggest downloading MalwareBytes and running it to verify there's no nasties hiding in your system. Download MalwareBytes.

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