Dell Vostro 1700 Slow

Hi guys i have a vostro 1700 dell laptop

And the problem is its very slow :S opening stuff and dragging windows for example if i drag a window it moves but then the box refreshes which is annoying and its just generally slow

Now its a 1 GB Ram

but i have even tryed windows 7 - then vista and now installed windows xp sp2 fresh install and its stuff slow :/

The other thing is the FAN has stopped spinning - so im not sure if thats todo with it
but the thing is my brother got exact same laptop as me same specs etc.. but his fan has stopped working too but its dont lag doesnt be slow and for example if i scroll down on right hand side it takes like 2-3 secs to display and like i said it refreshes

i cant take a picture or pritn screen because it wont pick it up
but its just like the screen refrehses from top to bottom and its just annoying
So yeh could you please advise me on what the problem is?

-also is it a major problem if the fan dont work?

Problem one,,,, well, I won't go there.
Problem two,,,, the fan must run to cool the CPU or it will slow down to keep from burning up.
That's just normal and expected from most CPU chips.

Get it (both computers) fixed by a competent service center.
There are a lot of tiny and very fragile connectors, etc., inside any laptop that can be irreparably damaged
by untrained hands. As a technician myself, I know from which I speak.

You may also need a Dell certified Service Center that can get Dell parts.
Just a thought.

OT :cool:

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please disregard the "fantastic advice" above

windows 7 needs MINIMUM 1gb of RAM to run, you can do basics such as disk clean, disk defrag which are utilities within windows. I would recommend increasing RAM whcih will increase performance massivly, you will have to look what type of ram you have i.e DDR DDR3 etc and pop it in,

the fan : The fan is there to cool the hardware down and to prevent it falling off the board as its that hot. I would say not to use the PC as much untill you have found out what the fan is for, why its stopped and fix it ASAP. if the hardware isnt cool it could get damaged which will cost you more in the future, open the case up, it might be a loose connection or the cable may have come off ( reconnect it)

IF UNSURE...ASK.. we will help you sort it and guide you in the right direction

I've edited my "fantastic advise" to be more inclusive and hopefully more informative.

I speak from the standpoint of a working Computer tech, not a casual user.

Good luck with both those Laptops.

Cheers Mate!
O.T. :cool:

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