Deploying W7 ??


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I have a learning center with 12 systems that I need to make identical.
There also needs to be an easy plan to update OS & software to keep things identical.
I need some opinions and direction to figure out best way to do this.

Choices: Windows AIK - sysprep and imagex process using a winpe disk
acronis or other image SW.

Processes: incremental updates or total reimaging

One issue is activating software like Photoshop. Total reimage would require reactivation with each update.

I am technical but have never done this before.

thx for ur help

My preference is to use Ghost Solution Suite ... specifically the ghost32.exe (or ghost64.exe) running from a Win7PE_SE iso that booted off a USB key. If you want an all in one do everything for you solution Ghost Solution Suite or Acronis get mentioned allot. Several years ago a company I worked for was using Altiris Deployment Solution which looked to be the best for imaging thousands of desktops ... but wuold still be cool for only 12.

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