Desktop and Laptop not connecting through the homegroup

I recently got a new laptop and installed Windows 7 on it. I have a lot of files on my desktop that I'd like access too through my laptop, so I decided to try and give the new Windows 7 "Homegroup" feature a try, but I'm having some trouble. I created the homegroup on my desktop, but when the laptop connected to my home network, it didn't recognize the homegroup that my desktop had created. On my laptop, when I opened the "Network and Sharing Center," it just kept saying "Homegroup: Ready to Create" instead of "Homegroup: Ready to Join."

I ran the troubleshooter on both PC's, tried creating the homegroup on my laptop and joining with my PC (didn't work), and have resorted to try and teach myself how to create the old school "workgroup" instead. I know my PC's see each other because I'm trying to set up a workgroup right now and both the PC's pop up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Tripp Parks [MS]

New Member
Can you describe your network configuration? can you verify that ping -6 <machinename> works from both computers (to the other?)

Just verified that ping -6 works from both PC's to the other.

My network is setup so that both my desktop and laptop wireless connect to my Linksys WRT45G router.

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