Windows 7 Desktop background frozen on one picture and gadgets lost

Running an Intel (R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU with 8 Gigs RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 on Windows 7 (Upgrade from Vista Home). No video card problems, however for some reason desktop background is stuck on one picture (set for slide display) and Gadgets display has disappeared. Changes to Personalization do not work, nor does clicking "Next desktop background". No changes made to computer other than auto upgrades installed by Microsoft. Any solutions? I'm really tired of looking at the same desktop background day in and day out!:mad:

Does the background change when you right-click on an image => Set as background ?

Do you have any desktop customization software installed ?


If nothing helps, you may want to run sfc scan and chkdsk.

1. Background will not change at all
2. No desktop customization software installed

Tried both with no result. Other strange things beginning to happen - for example I can no longer find Windows Utilities file under "All Files" + list of Favorites in IE has disappeared. Have scanned for virus (use KAV) but computer is clean.

I may be having a hardware or driver issue here, so will drop this thread until I find out more. Thanks for the suggestions shared so far!

Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Create New Administrator account, see if it helps.

You may need to clean install Vista -> Activate Vista -> Upgrade to 7.

Creating a new administrator account worked - everything on the new account normal and works - Accessories file has reappeared, desktop background changes, gadgets are there! Should I just transfer files over from the old account then delete it? Would like to get to the bottom of what is wrong, and also prefer a 'clean' system, but not keen to re-installing Vista then 7 unless I have to.
Thanks for your great help!

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