Columns of Horizontal Lines appear randomly and frequently on my desktop. Not always but sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Images of the display on my desktop are zip attached along with my pc specs - (incl a detailed one called OURPC.txt). Some days they never appear. My computer freezes as a result and only a reboot (Front panel button on hd) solves the fault - but not always. Occasionally, the lines appear at boot up immediately after the 'Welcome' screen. A reboot into Safe-Mode usually is fine. I got them today once, and a normal reboot was fine and no problems as i type. This is increasingly annoying when working online, emailing or viewing. The lines appear over the desktop display or browser. I know when it's going to happen from a buzzing sound through spkrs/headset and The red flashing hd light just switches off. The whole thing freezes and as i've said i have to restart via the start button on the hard drive itself. (the small button on right in image 1054). If i get the lines 2 or 3 times i just boot into safe-mode networking and work from there. Of course then i only have the basic windows display available to me so am limited. Adding to this, i occasionally get the BSOD (Hardware problem i know) instead but i have no way of telling if it's related to 'The Lines' or a separate problem. Most of the time the pc works fine - until 'The Lines' appear!

The most up to date driver for the Intel HD adapter is Jan2012 and i have that. Incidently i had the same problem with the previous driver so have ruled that out. Is it something simple like adjusting settings or some kind of tweak maybe? Or is it a physical problem with the onboard graphics. Whatever it is, is damned annoying when in the middle of working on something online , the lines appear and i have to reboot. I have trawled google for an answer to no avail but the nearest similar visual corruption image to mine is Type A on this page. Visual corruption - ThinkPad R400, R500, T400, T400s, T500, W500, X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, X301 -but i dont have a Lenovo anything! Mine is a desktop pc! Finally, I've run various programs testing RAM etc Device Manager, Speccy and others and NONE of them report any problems with the system. The 'specs' doc is from the Intel SIU. I hope i've provided enough detail and pics (i have more, each taken at occurrence) for my problem and would welcome a solution. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.


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