Desktop display has suddenly stopped... Displaying!?


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I've got a real head scratcher here and I thought I'd register here and see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it before I either launch the thing at a hard surface or reinstall win7.

To put it simply I switched on my AS Rock 300HT dual core atom with ion to settle for an evening of watching movies on XBMC, everything booted up except the display/desktop won't come on but the tv is registering a signal just not displaying it, now if I boot into safe mode I get my desktop in all it's 8bit glory!? I've tried reinstalling the original video drivers, new nvidia drivers but nothing happens and what makes this worse is that the whole thing was working perfectly yesterday, I've installed no programs or missed with any settings and can't for the life of me getting my screen back. I'm
Sitting here typing this on my iPhone (please don't let that put you off, I'm actually not a bad chap) the machine boots as normal as I can connect to it via airmouse cept the screen remains blank!

Well any help would be greatly appreciated


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Have you tried another monitor or connection? Could an input type have been changed and needs to be changed back? Have you recycled the computer (cold boot) and the TV?


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Hello RJ...

I think you mean the ASRock ION 330HT?

I have on of last year's version, before they stuffed in wireless and infrared, but it's basically the same Mini-ITX board as yours. I had the same stupid problem with Win7... What's likely happened is that your Video Memory has been de-allocated in the BIOS...
For me the fix was to go into the bios (Press F2 during startup) and load the bios defaults, save the settings, power down and then let it start up again...

There's a bunch of overclocking and voltage settings in there that probably shouldn't be user accessible. I've played with them but always end up back on the Bios Defaults to get it stablized.

Of course in the end I went back to XP in that machine and it's been totally perfect ever since.


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Common, you just saved me a good few hours mate, cheers, resetting the bios done the trick which is strange as the only bios mod I done was to overclock the atom!? was actually looking to see if I could increase the video memory as my machine has 4gbs but I think I'll just leave the bios alone, thanks again


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My pleasure.

I'd suggest you just let it run on defaults.
One problem with overclocking is the small case... not much room for fans.
Overheating is a very real concern with these little guys.

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