Windows 7 Desktop does not fill entire monitor, image pushed right


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I have had 7 installed on my laptop for a while now and desided to install it on my HTPC. This computer has not normal monitor, but use my Samsun 32" LCD TV as a monitor.

When I installed 7 there is a "black" stripe about 1" wide on the left side of the monitor before the desktop/taskbar begins. If this was a normal monitor I would just fiddle with the monitor settings , but this being a TV there are no such settings.

Anyone know what might case this? It happens on all resolutions.
Is it possible in 7 to "push" the entire image left? Or some other software?

I have had XP and Ubuntu on the computer before and this was not a issue. I have also made sure i have the latest drivers for the display card. (Integrated Via Chrome9)

Thanks for any help!
You should be able to do this from withing the Graphics Driver Software. Either Nvidia Forceware, or ATI Catalyst, or God forbid Intel IGP.