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Since microsoft have taken down the desktop gadget gallery to concentration on the next windows & then have the nerve to warn people about downloading & installing gadgets from untrusted sources which is everything but mircrosoft, where do we get gadgets from nowadays? I had gadgets for various things which i found useful until recently i did a fresh install & now i am unable to find the gadgets i once used.

After testing windows 8 i wont be upgrading as win7 does exactly what i need it to do & so much more & from what i discovered its far more restricted that ever.

So, if anyone has any info on where to get these gadgets nowadays please let me know :D

It has been practically three years considering Windows 7 was launched to the community and even now, stability specialists are acquiring weaknesses in the OS. Two scientists have lately identified that the desktop Widgets’ web-based code could allow the program to be jeopardized without getting to resort to the usual attack methods.

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