Desktop Icon problem

I reset my desktop icon size to small; however, every time I reboot, the icons revert to large size. I've searched and searched for solutions and have tried several options with no success....the large icons keep coming back...... Any ideas??

Other than that, Windows 7 is great!


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First try holding the Ctrl key whilst scrolling to the size you need. Reboot and se if it has stayed. If not. Right click the desktop, "Personalize" and click display. Choose "medium "and see what you have then.

Problem solved

Thank you for your help RAK; however I already did those things multiple times to no avail.
The good news is that I believe that I solved my own problem, so I will post it to help someone in the future.
I set up my Windows 7 with the old quick launch. I also set up a shortcut for "Shutdown" and pinned it to the quick launch. Apparently the coding I used to set up the "Shutdown" button was causing the problem. I figured this out by using the "Start/Shutdown" that comes with Win7...and when I rebooted everything was fine. So, I then googled "Shutdown" and came up with a different coding for my "Shutdown" button and everything is now fine


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This is the command I use for a shutdown button.
Works in Windows 2000, XP and Win 7 with no side effects.

%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00
I have a similar desktop shortcut I use in linux.

It consists of a small executable script in my /home folder and a launcher on my desktop that activates it.
When I click it it pops up a little dialog box that offers me the option to restart or shutdown.

The script was published by the folks at the PCLinuxOS 2009 forum as a temporary solution to a problem
that folks experienced with upgrading from the 2007 version to the 2009 version of PCLos.
The normal shutdown button wouldn't work hence the script and instructions in it's use.

I liked the script so much that I kept using it even after they fixed the problem.

It even works in other flavors of linux.

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