Windows 7 Desktop Icons-Weird Problem (Most likely a simple fix)


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Jun 13, 2009
Hi everyone, now I am not the most tech-oriented person but I know more than the average person to get around problems and such.

Anyways, I upgraded Vista to Win7 last night via a burned installation disk. Everything worked/has been working fine.

However when I started up my computer and logged in today I had some weird thing going on with my icons.

It seems all of my icons on my desktop related to non-windows programs have the W7 default manila folder on top of the icons.

Things I have tried:

-Right click-change icon, shows the icon without the folder, and when I tell it to change to default or change to that same icon again, it doesn't do anything, the folder stays on top.

-Control Panel/Personlization Reverted to default theme, default icons, (which it was already on), no dice.

-Tried creating a new shortcut for one of those programs off it's .exe and putting it on desktop. Same thing, folder on top of it.

So it's not a functional problem but it is quite annoying aesthetically.

Here is what it looks like:

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I can only assume that this is a relatively simple fix, and it's obviously not an installation process based problem as the problem did not exist my first run on W7.

Would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I found no luck through google, probably because this problem is a little hard to describe accurately.
Quote - "I found no luck through google, probably because this problem is a little hard to describe accurately."
LOL, the screenshot says it all!

I would try this;

Make sure hidden folders in toggled to show.
Navigate to C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local
Delete IconCache.db
Empty the Recycle Bin
Reboot - This method rebuilds the Icon Cache

To reset the Icon Cache;
Open up control panel, and search display
Click Adjust screen resolution
Advanced Settings (this should bring up your graphics card properties dialog)
Have a snoop around until you find a drop-down menu for colours. It should be set to "True Colour (32bit)"
Change this to 16bit, apply, OK, and close the window.
Reboot and navigate to the same menu, this time change it back to 32bit. Exit and reboot.

Your icons should now be back to their normal self, if not, i haven't got a clue!!
Thanks. I tried this and it did not work for me but I may have done this in the wrong order or something. The first restart I accidentally clicked shut down, though I don't know if that would affect it. The second part of your instructions (to reset the icon cache) I did after the first block of instructions. I am hoping that is the correct order?

This is one reason why we always suggest doing a "clean" install as these sort of conflicts occur.

You have hundreds of useless files left on your system from the previous OS.

If you have just installed, I would suggest you go back and do a "clean" install.

Please NOTE:

All third party applications that require an install program will have to be re-uinstalled.....a small price to pay to get your system running correctly.:)
I also had this problem. Im not what what causes it, or if we both did something the same to cause it, but here is how to solve it....

1. Download and install the Frameworkx program Vista Shortcut Overlay Manager by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button below.
NOTE: The 2.0 version will work in both the 32 bit or 64 bit version versions of Vista & Windows 7 (Happy Days!). You can also get it from either Link Removed - Invalid URL or Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET as well.
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2. Right click on the program's shortcut and click on Run as administrator.

3. Click on Allow to continue.

4. To Change or Remove the Arrow for All Shortcuts -
A) Select (dot) the arrow option you want for the shortcut arrow. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: If you selected Custom Arrow, then click on Select to navigate to and choose a ICO (icon) file you have downloaded to use.
5. To Remove the "Shortcut" Name from All Shortcuts -
A) Check the box to also remove the - Shortcut name extension for new shortcuts that are created.
6. Click on Apply.
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7. Click on Yes to logoff to apply the changes. (See screenshot below)
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8. Log back on and your done.
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