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I was trying to move the location of my desktop using the location in properties. It worked great but i decided to move it back. I accidentally made it the same folder as computername under users which is the admin one with the pad lock. They somehow became one and all my user files were on the desktop, for some reason it wont let me change the location of the new desktop because of the lock.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Its a new computer windows 7 and there are no restore points sadly.


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I don't seem to have a folder designated as "computername" (or my computer's name). Any chance of a snipping tool picture and use the paperclip to attach?

What path exactly did you use to move the location back?

The location is "Computer\Windows7_OS (C:)\Users"

Then its the file within users with the lock on it, it should be the admin account name not the computer name, sorry. In that is the desktop normally but in my case now the desktop folder is combined with the users\admin folder. This means that since the desktop is locked i cant move it or change it. I haven't tried making a new admin account yet, that might fix it. Otherwise i need to somehow unlock the new admin/desktop folder. Maybe there might be some way with command prompt or something.

O wow the new admin account actually worked. My plan C was a factory restore but this is way better. If anyone finds a more direct way to fix this please post it. Thank You

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