Desktop keeps on flashing


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Windows 7 64-bit

My desktop keeps on "flashing" while I'm browsing the web or playing games in windowed mode. The flashing happens randomly and I can't find the cause of it. So if I'm browsing the web in firefox, for example, I would see my desktop background for a split second at random intervals.

I've tried looking this problem up and all I found were people reporting that they fixed the problem by opening up the registry editor and deleting some of the registries underHKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Control Panel/Desktop. I, however, can't find any of the registries listed as the suspects.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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I myself have this problem on windows 7 Professional 64-bit (don't have have it on another computer with Ultimate) and never had time to solve it. You could try to change the refresh rate Correct monitor flicker (refresh rate) but CHECK "hide modes that this monitor cannot display" or you might burn your monitor. When I fix my own problem I'll let you know. All other advice is welcome.

Others have solved it by changing theme to Windows 7 basic, but I'm already on basic.