Desktop loads, then reloads right after logon

W7 starts up fine then goes to the logon screen. I pick a user and then it plays the logon sound and the desktop pops up. One second later, the screen goes blank and the desktop reappears and everything is fine.

You know how when you change your resolution, the screen will sometimes flick out then come right back with the new resolution? Well, that's what's happening, but it happens every time I logon no matter which user I pick.

I had some trouble finding a driver for my monitor but the driver I have works fine now. I can't understand why windows always double-loads the resolution every time I logon. Can anyone tell me why it does this? It works fine, but it's just annoying.



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This could be caused by a number of things.. the most likely 2 coming to my mind are graphic drivers or explorer crashing.
Do you have the most up-to-date drivers for your graphics card?

Graphic Card Driver is up to date. I couldn't find a W7 driver for my Philips monitor(202P73/27), but W7 seems to have found one. First it used the generic one then at some point it must have found one for my monitor because now when I check the driver, it lists Philips by name.

Another factor, I use 150% sizing instead of the standard 125%. I thought maybe W7 was starting at 125% then reconfiguring to %150 an instant later. However, one of my user logins is the standard 125% size and the problem still occurs.

It doesn't replay the logon sound so I don't think it's actually re-logging in.

My guess is monitor settings... maybe it's loggin in at the default then reconfiguring to the philips driver? Confused.

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