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Hi, I'm new to this forum, not too sure if I even have my problem in the right category but...
I have a problem with my desktop, but im pretty sure its not the graphics card. The login screen has all its colors, perfectly fine, but when it goes to the desktop (once logged in) it either works for a few minutes then it gets all pixelated and the screen freezes (can't move the mouse or anything, ctrl+alt+delete doesnt work either), or the desktop screen doesnt load at all and the computer resets itself, OR the screen remains black with random colored pixels across the screen.
Help would be appreciated asap, considering restarting comp from scratch.

It sounds like a bad video driver or a broken video card. Have you tried to reinstall your video driver with the latest version ?


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surprisingly I haven't thought of that ...
I'm going to download the driver right away, and see if it solves the problem.
Thanks for the quick reply

I'm not saying this is gonna work for sure, yet a chance. :)

Uninstall your current driver first, and reboot. Then install the new version.

Broken video memory can cause that. If this is an integrated VGA, make sure your RAM works no issues.


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Hey again, so when i installed the most recent driver everything was fine for a week or so, but now its happening again, the screen is glitching and i think im going to have to try out the other method by checking if my RAM is working or something. But im not too sure how to do that it'd be great if you helped me out. Thanks.
Let me know if you need any CPU info for anything

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