Desktop Personalization Issue

Is there a way to disable that stupid snap to borders or grid or whatever on my desktop? I don't like that it won't let me place a window outside the top of the screen or behind/below the taskbar.


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For the life of me I cannot find that. It's not under Personalization anywhere, nor is it under the mouse control panel or display properties. Can you point me in the right direction?

I'd like to keep the Aero desktop [Windows Aero (System Scheme)], I just want to disable that snap function.


EDIT: Crap! Didn't realize your reply was also a link. Which now brings me to another thread issue I have. I want the old Win 7 forum back!


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You're welcome, glad to have been of some small assistance. As far as the New Forum vs. Old Forum, that's slightly above my pay grade. But hang in there and it will grow on you...I know it has on me...except for some recent outages, I love it, just a little patience.;)

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