Desktop positions and folder views not saving !!

Hello Everyone

I have a strange problem :
my windows had a virus and after my antivirus fix and delete viruses this problem occurred that :
Desktop positions and folder views and sorting files in any folders not saving , for example in my desktop I arrange manually my desktop's Icon but after refresh they arrange again by its own or in my computer I set the drivers view to large icon but after closing and re opening my computer it changed to tile view and so for sorting files in a folder it changed to its own after closing and opening that folder again and all of this change that made by own don't save , what is the problem ?!!

Please help me to fix all of this problem .



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I don't think you are the first person posting about a similar problem. I do not know if that one got worked out, but it would seem something is missing that would normally keep your settings. Read the following link and see if it sounds like that might be it and see if the procedures on the page might help. You might be missing some file necessary, or some registry setting, not really sure.

Fix a corrupted user profile

But also, running a SFC /scannow command in an Administrative command prompt might find some system problem.

Thank you for replying But it does't Help me .

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