Windows 7 Desktop rotation


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Jan 13, 2009
Just come across an issue. Most of the time the media pc is running Media Centre, but sometimes when we say, alt-tab out and use Firefox to load something up on Youtube, we'll keep Media Centre minimised because we're using the nice feature that 7 has in rotating desktops. I have close to twenty 1080P wallpapers rotating, based on games or films that we like. Recently however, it seems to get stuck, and would just get a black screen. When I clicked on any of the wallpapers in the high-res folder, none of them worked, and neither did any of the default Windows wallpapers. So, I tried Solid Colours and chose teal. Teal came up as the background. Weird, I thought.

So, I resetted and told 7 to use the rotating desktop with the high-res folder again. It worked... until it got stuck again, but this time it went straight to the teal desktop instead of black... any ideas? It just keeps getting stuck now, so I've just told it to choose one wallpaper and stick to it. Very annoying.
what are the specs on ur pc? Sounds like it may be an issue with a driver for your graphics card.
2.2GHz Pentium Dual Core
2GB PC6400 DDR2
ATi Radeon HD3450

Using the drivers that come with Windows Update, have no problems with it.
is u pc ram near maxed when your is on or not? There is a way for windows to turn off slideshow if it wants to conserve power. I would look for the setting for that and turn it to always on.
No, it's not that... all power settings are set to keep the pc going constantly, 24/7. It never sleeps.
Im going to think this out a little with some of my geek friends and see what they say and i will get back to you. Hopefully we can find a solution.
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