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I have Windows 7 x64 ultimate instaleld on my system and I want to move Details pane in folders from bottom to top. I found articles how to do that in Windows 7 x86 and Windows Vista but that doesn't work on Windows 7 x64. When I edit shell32.dll from windir\system32 folder i can't log on. I also tried to edit shell32.dll file from SysWOW64 folder (also located in windows dir) and from amd...smth...folder.
Did any1 succeeded this?
Please write detailed step by step tutorial,



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Just to let you know you're not being ignored!!

I've been having a good look around and so far have not come up with anything for 64bit systems. Not much use to you I know.

My next option will be to try it out myself on a machine that's imminently due a re-install. Watch this space!!


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How does this grab you?


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Move Details Pane To Top Of Explorer Window

Somewhere along the line m4rko I can only think you missed something somewhere as I had no issue swapping these over.

However. First things first I hope you have restored the AMD, WOW64 etc. folders back to their originals**

This link will take you to a download of the modified shell32.dll files I've done in a little package to automate the swap over. Place the folder called DETAILS PANE TO TOP in your C:\ folder. Open the DETAILS PANE TO TOP folder and read the READ ME!! Close all other programs and windows and then double click the .bat file according to your system (in your case the SHELL32 Detail SWAP x64.bat).

This script will begin by creating a Restore Point. You have the option of continuing or stopping. It will take ownership of the listed System files, rename them by adding 0ld to the end of their file name and they will then be replaced with their modified versions. Finally your computer will be RE-BOOTED.


There are also a couple of untouched original files enclosed should you need them.

These files have been tried and tested on my own system but you do of course use these files at your own risk.


**I've included a couple in the zip to help you out if you haven't.

Hope that's a help to you.

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Re: Move Details Pane To Top Of Explorer Window

THX a lot, this worked as a charm!!

Finally managed to put it on top, thx once again!


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Re: Move Details Pane To Top Of Explorer Window

No Problem

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