Detects Harddrive, but cannot use it

Hello everyone,

I have 2 external harddrives, but windows 7 only works with one of them. Windows XP, Vista and Linux(doesn't matter which distribution) detect and can use both. When I connect the "defect" harddrive with the pc, autostart starts, but it loads for a long time. When I go to computer and click on the harddrive, 7 loads it instantly, but if I move to a subdirectory or try to copy, cut, etc the explorer loads a long time, but it never stops. Of course I tried to use diskmgmt.msc, format it with windows 7, etc but the same happens(loads until I end it). I also formated it with an other pc, but 7 still does not detects it. I copied all data from another pc to another drive so i dont loose any data.
any ideas?
(windows 7 32 Bit)


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yeah... Did you actually NOT read my post and just read the title?

an external usb-drive is always plug and play, isn't it?

both drives need an electrical power supply and get with usb to the pc connected.

Try disabling driver signature enforcement? usually F8 after the boot splash / before windows logo splash.

Doesn't work...

but thanks for trying

a friend has Windows 7 RC and its works great, but still not with mine :(

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