Windows 7 Device Manager and USB external storage device


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Dec 4, 2010
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Hello everybody,

I hope someone can help me get through this.

I have an external USB-disk drive that I want to attach to a desktop.

However, although there are no devices beyond the internal disk drive <C:> and the internal DVD drive <D:> the folder viewer (START->Computer) will list <C:>; <D:>; no <E:>; no <F:>; <G:>; <H:>; <I:>; <J:>; <K:>.

  • If I do attach the external USB drive, the folder viewer will not see it. It has installed properly before and shows itself as Backup (E). The drive is functional, because if I attach it to any other computer it will be recognized and listed.

  • I believe the USB slot on the desktop is good, because if I attach something else (such as a cell phone) the folder viewer will recognize it, add it to the listing as <E:> and I can even browse its file structure.

I am further confused by Control Panel->Devices and Printers. If the USB drive is attached,I will find it, identified by its' proper model number "CH11" and all of the details seem good, including the message that it is working properly.
There doesn't seem to be a way to update or validate the driver running this thing.

At this point I'm running in place and not getting anywhere.

If the Devices and Printers module knows this drive is there or not and seems to report everything as good, then I need to refresh the folder viewer somehow. I see no point for it to list what isn't there, but it should be able to see the storage device and allow me to work with it.

Do I even have the right idea and can someone help me resolve it?

Many thanks,
In Device Manager, some of the USB Hub entries will have an advanced tab on which you might be able to reset the hub. You might try that if it is available. (Devmgmt.msc)

Could you explain all the drive letters you say are showing? If you only have one internal drive and a DVD, you have too many drive letters taken. Is there a card reader or something? If you want, you could take a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management windows to include the graphical representation and attach using the paperclip on the advanced replies. Maybe it will help.
Thank you Saltgrass, for your reply.

I'm afraid that I cannot explain the drive letters, there is nothing permanently attached to the desktop to explain anything past the missing <E:> drive. There are card readers on the face of the tower, but I have never used them.

As for a snip-shot of the Disk Management window, including the graphical...? I hope I've attached that.


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The card reader would explain the extra drive letters. They get assigned even though you do not have any media in them. The device is a USB device, so if you wanted to test, you could unplug it to see what happens with the drive.

When I refer to device manager, I mean the real one. Use the Winkey and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open. The snip below is from that and you can see the reset hub option on some hubs.


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Thanks for the tips, Saltgrass.
Sadly, doing all of that didn't change what I had hoped to see. Even when I plug in the external USB drive, it doesn't appear in any of the Computer lists.
Have no idea why that would be, it is easily available in another computer.

Thanks anyway
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