Windows 11 Device manager


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Other devices -PCI -SM Bus These are needing drivers.
I did not install my mother boards Asus utility as I thought it might be malware and included bloat like Norton which can be unchecked. All worked well except this one item
I wet to ASUS and saw utilities but there are 9 drivers listed and I don't know which it is or if it is Asus to begin with.
Can I just downlead each at a time or should I reinstall and include the ASUS utility?
Most ASUS boards will not allow you to install the wrong driver, however normally the chipset goes first then it doesn't really matter what order you do the others

as a long time ASUS user I never install the utility myself but I also don't need to
I tried not installing the Asus utility but that is where drivers were lost. When I checked what I wanted only and did install it, my drivers show up and device manager is ok.
I don't like it but it is what it is.
Thanks all for replying.