Windows 7 Device Stage Coding Help


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I am trying to create a Device Stage for my cell phone that is not supported. I only want basic features but would love free space and battery information if possible. I have followed tutorials and everything I can find from Microsoft as well as an old tutorial I found online but I am unable to get Windows 7 to recognize the code applies to the device. I am pasting my PackageInfo.xml as I am trying to just get a custom icon and name first before doing the entire Device Stage.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and it is in test mode. The phone is a Blackberry Storm2. If anyone can help, I would be forever grateful.

Also, once I package it and move it into the en-us folder, do I need to restart or perform any special tasks? Everything I read has said that after copying the file, I just plugin the device and it will read all the information but it never does. I also have changed the GUID in the CMD window each time but not in the packageinfo.xml as nothing I have read said to do so.

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" ?>
<PackageInfo xmlns=\"[URL][/URL]\">
  <Locale default=\"false\">en-US</Locale>
  <Metadata MetadataID=\"[URL]\">PackageInfo.xml</Metadata[/URL]>
  <Metadata MetadataID=\"[URL]\">DeviceInformation</Metadata[/URL]>
  <Metadata MetadataID=\"[URL]\">WindowsInformation</Metadata[/URL]>
  <Metadata MetadataID=\"[URL]\">DeviceStage</Metadata[/URL]>

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