I have a Linux based application, ATIS by Trapeze, that some of my users "sporadically" can't connect to. I am running a Windows 2008 R2 server with DCHP. The client workstations are Windows 7 x86. When a user experiences this problem, not being able to connect to ATIS, I can resolve it by assigning a manual IP. After a couple of days I can change the IP back to DHCP and everything works fine. I have changed the server name in the .ini file from FQDN to IP with no change. Strangely, when it happens I can ping the ATIS server by name and/or IP. No other programs/applications are affected. Users still have full network access, files, internet, email etc...According to our ATIS vendor, this ISN'T a known issue and isn't a Linux/Application issue.(not sure about that statement) Sidebar, I recently upgraded the workstations from XP to Win7 and it was doing the same thing with XP...I'm at a loss and short of assigning static IP's, not sure what else I can do to remedy this. It may be a Linux issue but our Vendor is claiming it isn't...


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As usual I start by checking the obvious - has your server got a static IP?

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Our problem is to assign two ip addresss for a single ethernet card or client from DHCP server. (Windows 2008 or Windows 2012)

How to assign two IP address logical to a single client from DHCP server (suppose one is and second is in same Physical Network ?




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I would open dhcp and reserve the first ip to that clients mac address and reserve the second ip to nothing (so no one else gets it by mistake) ... the client machine will now have the first address so use a 'Virtual Network Editor' software (like hyper-v or vmware) to nat the second address into the client machine but what this has to do with a two year old post talking about linux Atis?

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