DHCPv6 and Windows 7

I am trying to setup my windows 7 client to recieve an IPv6 Address from my DHCPv6 server. I am running my DHCPv6 server on Centos 6.2 and my config file is quite simple. I can wireshark the interface on my computer and see that the server is responding with all the information I have configured on it however my client never sets the ip address. Here is what my client is sending in the Solicit message. Domain Search List (24)DNS Recursive name Server (23)Vendor-specific Information (17)Fully Qualified Domain Name (39) The Server is responding with (23) and (24). Would the client keep sending a Solicit if it does not recieve the (17) & (39)? Is there anyway that I can stop my client from requesting these options from the server? I have also tried configuring my client to do no Router Discovery and set the Managed and OtherStateful flags but I can't seem to get anything to work properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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