Diagnostics Policy Service won't work.

I've been trying to do a network diagnostics on my computer, but I can't because the diagnostics policy service is not running and will not start. To be specific, it starts, then automatically stops. And no, I CAN NOT do a system restore. I did not have system restores on before the problem started happening, so is there any other way of fixing it? Anything other than a complete reinstall, at the least?

Can nobody help me?

I take it that absolutely nobody knows how to answer this problem.

I had internett connection all day untill i restarted my pc. Then the icon had a red X over, so i run the thing where its trying to fix it. And i get this message: diagnostics policy service is not running, so i try to start it but it will not start. This windows is worse than vista i think, it screws up the damn connection to internett. And the internett works on all other computers and ps3's in my house.

Cant even find a solution to the problem on your forums.


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