Dial Up Internet Connection Sharing Error:Access Type No Internet Access With Yellow Triangle Alert

Hi, i am a newbie when it comes to Windows networking particularly Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). A week ago i turned my Win 7 HP Laptop into wireless router which is on EVDO 3G dial up using the windows (ICS) to connect my second Win 7 Dell laptop which was successful.

Unfortunately, i ran out of data and now that i have recharged my Evdo 3G dial up modem hoping to continue browsing on both laptops, the Dell laptop which in this case is the client is showing connection signal but each time i tried to connect, this error will come up- Access type : No Internet access along with the dreaded yellow triangle alert on the system tray.

Although when i plug the modem directly to the Dell laptop, it does browse smoothly.

I have Google and read almost everything concerning this online including this forum but i have not come across a solution that is peculiar to mine.

Please what can i do to resolve this challenge?

PS: I have disabled both Windows firewall and AVG still the lack of connection still remains.

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