Dialog boxes open huge in some apps & Fonts vanishing

Recently, (and no, rolling back is NOT an option on this computer...) some apps as well as windows 7 itself, have starting doing odd things.

One real pain is that my fonts like to vanish. Especially upon a crash or if I have to hold the power button to shut off the computer, when I start up again, all my fonts are gone. Luckily, I have 3 backup font folders on other drives, so after I get the computer booted up, I just re-install the fonts. Lately, however, I have found I can re-install all 1100 fonts (yes, I actually use them all for graphic design work) and while they install, I can watch the actual font folder keep deleting them live.. The computer has no virus problems. This is not an every time issue either. Which is really odd.. Any ideas on these problems would be greatly appreciated...while they are more of a nuisance ...I would like to make it go away.

The other big issue I have is that recently (in the last 4 months or so) some dialog boxes will open up and they are HUGE. And of course, many of them are NOT resizable. Again, in many cases, it's just a nuisance. However, in some, the buttons to choose an option for that box are so far of the screen, I can't get to them, even when I drag the window across 2 monitors. One example is when using some graphic programs, I will open a Properties window for a brush or something, and instead of being nice and compact, it's huge. Now it's my entire monitor 1366x768 (plus some as it goes off the edges) (see picture) That dialog window used to be (a few months ago) the size shown in the second picture. Not even 1/7th the size of my entire screen.

This is the case in many of my apps and in win7 boxes as well...but again, NOT ALL. And trying to guess what has been installed / uninstalled in the last few months is not an option as my kids like to download and install tons of games and garbage that I always end up removing... I mean sometimes 50 programs a week!!!

My thinking is there must be some registry entry somewhere that has been corrupted or something... Maybe?? I hope???
hugescreen.jpg normalscreen.jpg
Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Win 7 SP 1 Home premium 64bit
8 GB ram
Intel i7-2600k @ 3.7ghz
Westinghouse 32" digital HD Display
Dell 21" Monitor

All drivers & system software & application software are the newest versions as of
Tuesday, 01 Jan 13

Thank you much,


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