Did "new" mobo cause issues with computer speed?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Tutorials' started by dvelleux, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Few weeks back, the mobo on my HP xw8200 blew up. Nothing else was wrong, but when ordering the "new" mobo for it, I also got more correct RAM and two 3.6GHz Xeon CPUs. Got the guts back into the pc and fired it up. I almost cried when I saw the Windows 7 logo appear. AWESOME!!!

    Now before the mobo blew up, I had no issues connecting to the HTPC I built with Windows 7 Ultimate to share movies and such. Afterwards, Media Center hangs when trying to access the shared movie and music libraries. I expected that to occur somewhat with the music library since it is HUGE (and growing), plus I am running a 100Base-T network, but I never had issues with movies at all...

    Any ideas? I am thinking I need to rebuild the pc from the ground up and let Windows 7 recognize everything on the "new" mobo. Is this a correct thing to do?
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    As a general rule of thumb after you upgrade or replace the mobo it is a good idea to clean install windows and not just plug the hardrive back in and stick with the old install as the clean install with make your computer run like new. Make sure you back up your files happy building:)

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