Difference between Live Mail and Hotmail


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Windows 7 Pro.
What is the important difference between Windows 7 Live Mail (came with the PC- Sony VAIO) and Hotmail (I had to sign up on a cruise ship). Whatever I do on Livemail appears in Hot mail as well, like all incoming e-mails are entered in both except when I clear the Live mail account like the Inbox, it doesn't delete the content of the Hotmail Inbox. Also the Hotmail Inbox collects all incoming e-mails even the Junk mails, so when I occasionally check Hotmail, I find many hundreds of all kind of stuff there. I don't even want most of them in my PC.
Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Thank you bassfisher6522. What I need is not more (an other e-mail program) but less. No connection to Facebook, Twitter not even to my cell phone. I am probably one of the dinosauruses, for me the simpler the better. So a step forward must have very strong reasons. The recent step from XP to 7 gave me enough headaches. I chose 7 pro so I have a built in XP mode as well and I can still use my old apps, some of them as old as 15 years, but they work well and do everything I need.


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In my fist reply I completely forgot to answer your question; what is the difference between WLM and hot mail? WLM is a(n) email client - (software that is installed on your computer). Where as hot mail, live mail and outlook.com are all web based mail - (nothing is installed on your computer).


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If I may add, concerning junk mail, both WLM and HotMail have the option to "Delete and Block" senders, of course you could always "Unsubscribe" which is usually located at the bottom of the email.
I personally, use WLM as I don't have to sign in to view my mail, which is very convenient, unlike Hotmail and Windows Mail.
Whenever you delete mail from WLM, it should sync with Hotmail and be removed from there as well, may take a day or 2.

You may want to add your Hotmail account to your WLM account;
Open WLM, click on the "Accounts" tab, then click on the "Email+" icon


Hope this helps



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I thought livemail and hotmail is essentially the same. And as noted above: microsoft tries to introdue outlook.com, and I also think it will all merge...


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Personally I prefer this new look for the webmail clients for hotmail/live mail as it's a lot cleaner and the fonts are much better etc. No loss of functionality either.