Different Default Devices for Different Users

First off I would like to say that this site has been a fantastic resource for troubleshooting my win 7 computer.

I'm trying to find a way to have different default playback devices for different user accounts? Like, have "realtek" as the default playback for user A but when you switch to user B it's a USB headset as the default. I hope what I'm asking makes sense.



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Welcome to the forums and thank you for the kind words regarding the site.
Your question makes perfect sense, but unfortunately I think that what you want to do would involve defining a seperate and distinct hardware profile, where you could select a particular profile at boot to use with different hardware options pre-defined, a feature that Microsoft has dropped since XP (it wasn't actually available in Vista and is not available with Win7).
As you probably already know the options are easily changed/adjusted by right clicking the speaker icon in the Notification Area (formerly system tray) and selecting "Playback devices" and choosing one of your device there.
Hope this answers your question.
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Thanks for super fast response. It's unfortunate that MS has removed the ability to set hardware profiles in Windows 7. I understand that it's pretty easy to change the setting but this PC is for my much older parents who I want to have as little steps as possible in their windows experience.
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