Windows 7 Different folder views saved for same folder?


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Jan 11, 2009
I just noticed something odd: When I save a specific folder view for a folder (for example to show thumbnails for the files inside) windows saves that view. That isn't odd (of course), the odd thing is that when I visit that folder another way than last time, windows saves a seperate view.
It's hard to describe, let me make an example:

When I open up explorer, I have my user folder in my favorites-list. So I click the user folder, then go to the my pictures folder and then tell the folder to be in list view. This works.
Now if I open explorer, go my hard drive, then "users", then my user folder (BlackWolf), then my pictures - the folder is still in thumbnail-mode. I can set a completly different view for the same folder here and it's saved seperate from the view I saved before. So when I leave it at thumbnail, everytime I go to hard drive -> user folder -> my pictures it will show the files as thumbnails, but when I go to favorites -> user folder -> my pictures it will show the folder in list view.

this is really odd behaviour and I wanted to know if others experience this as well and maybe someone knows a fix for this. If I tell a folder to act a certain way of course I want it to ALWAYS do that.

thanks ^^
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