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    hi, about a month ago my vaio laptop started freezing on youtube . i mean everything was frozen and i had to restart it manually. and then it started freezing on avi files.wether i play the avi file on wmp, vlc or real player, the duration of the freezing was about a minute or two every 20-30 minutes on both the audio and the video. so far, this is what i ve done:

    1-updated the video card . and everything else through vio update.
    2- installed k lite codec 64
    3- ran disc cleanup and registry cleaner through vaio care .
    4- installed the latest realplayer version.
    5- ran sfc scannow . i dont really know the results for the scan because i was away from the laptop the minute it finished.
    6- scaned the computer with avg anti virus 2012 and no viruses were discovered.

    results: the duration of the freezing decreased. now it freezes every 15 - 20 minutes for a second or 2 and the video fast forwards to keep up with the freezing and the sudio stops during freezing. and its really annoying because sometimes it freezes like 10 - 20 times a day. could it be from bitlord 2.0?

    my system specs:
    vaio laptop vpcea25fa
    windows 7 home premuim service pack 1 and 64 bit
    4 gb ram
    2.27 gh cpu
    ati mobility radeon hd 5145 graphic card.

    plz reply to me as soon as u can ,any help is appreciated.
    take care everyone.
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