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Microsoft's Digital Locker bites the huh? I must have misssed this puppy. Just found it on Windows Market Place. Well that idea did not last long. Wonder what will be the next idea to fall???? Look on this page for What happens to Digital Locker.


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I stumbled upon "Microsoft Marketplace" and "Digital Locker" a year ago. I had the worlds worst Driver and a slow Internet Connection. You missed out - the Marketplace had one of the biggest freebie giveaways ever. Pages and pages of down loadable games for your PC. Can't find any free games now! (They gave away some expensive games)..... You know, when you take your laptop outside, Linkeys isn't special. Everything moves real slow.


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I wonder what is next for Microsoft? Looks like they might end up really cleaning house this time.

Yeah I found out that way also. Plus Microsoft in all it's wisdom is cutting off Live One Care as well. I think in June 09. The two things I thought MS was doing great with they end up dumping it. Probably because they where not making money on it.

You should have received an email from Microsoft telling you of the closing down of the Digital Locker next August. Here is a copy of the message:

Your Digital Locker Account Will Be Closedin August, 2009.

Dear Digital Locker Customer,

This is to notify you that on November 20, 2008 Windows® Marketplace transitioned from an e-commerce site to a reference site. On Windows Marketplace you will find links to sites such as Microsoft Store, Windows Vista® Compatibility Center, and other destinations with compatible software, hardware and devices that support Microsoft platforms. As part of this transition, the digital locker service affiliated with Windows Marketplace will be closed in August, 2009.

If you made a purchase on Windows Marketplace, you acquired a digital locker account in order to purchase, download and install products from Windows Marketplace. You may be using your digital locker account to store and maintain information about software you purchased, including license information to enable you to reinstall your software or get assistance from the software reseller.

The digital locker service will continue to be available until August, 2009. During this time, you should back up the contents of your digital locker account before they are permanently deleted:

1.To maintain your software records, go to your digital locker account and print a copy of the software information located there.
2.To backup your software to a CD so that you always have a copy, follow the CD back-up instructions in the “What happens to digital locker?” Section in the Windows Marketplace FAQ.

More information is available at Windows Marketplace FAQ.


The Windows Marketplace Team

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