Digital River Problem


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I'm trying to install the digital river version from XP SP3. It gets part way through but quits with an unspecified error.

Also, I'm told on the digital river website to back everything up to an external hard drive. I've already backed up all the junk on C drive which I intend to do a custom clean install to, but have lots of files on D and E that aren't backed up.

When I finally do get this thing to install, it should only wipe C right? I had to reinstall XP once, couldn't back up D and E due to not having an external hard drive, so when I went into setup, I just told it to wipe C's partitions and install there. It installed XP and all my stuff was still there on D and E. Win7 won't do anything funny will it?

Edit: "Unspecified error" is the exact error I'm getting. I thought it might have been a bad download, so I downloaded again but nothing. I don't want to wait for my bit-disc to arrive in the mail to install.

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