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    Hey guys I have been using the search feature and nothing seems to help... I am getting the cannot inbox error with the windows 7 home premium 64 bit version. I am trying to install it on xp 32 bit, I have tried creating the iso with the help on this site via the file download and placement in system32 and the command for the cmd.exe.... nothing work when i input the command line information for the .exe will come up then it says something along the lines of "cannot delete file then it says improper syntax" is there any other way to get this working? I am really frustrated because i no longer have a working computer and am having to make this post via my iphone. if you could link me to an alternative way or better yet an already made windows 7 home premium 64bit iso download that would be awesome.
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    Jun 10, 2009
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    Why do you no longer have a working computer because you failed to create the.iso?

    The solution would be to copy the expanded folder setup to the C drive. It will be a different path, and you won't get that message.

    If you put oscdimg.exe in system32 folder, and copy expandedsetup to C, the commands will be:

    cd /d C:\windows\system32

    Then press enter

    Oscdimg.exe –u2 –bC:\expandedSetup\boot\ –h C:\expandedSetup C:\7.iso

    Then press enter

    Hope it helps

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    I got the same results. Same "cannot delete file blahblah" error and I tried it about 10 times . I finally created an iso and built a bootable usb drive with the iso with Unetbootin and booted to the usb and did custom install flawlessly.

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