"Digital Video Device" default "auto-play" issue

Hey guys, I have the Adobe Creative Suite (CS4); I installed Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects only.

I am having a huge problem right now. Whenever I plug my videocamera into the IEEE DV port and go to upload video to the computer, Adobe Premiere automatically starts for some reason and I cannot upload my footage. It used to bring up the menu that asked me what I action I wanted to take. I usually just hit "import to computer". To troubleshoot this issue, I opened the "auto-play" option in "Hardware and Sound" in the control pannel and I thought I had it all figured out when I saw that it displayed Adobe Premiere as the default option whenever a digitcal videocamera is connected to my computer. I switched it to "Ask me every time".

Problem solved, right? Wrong. This is Windows! I connected the videocamera and again, Adobe Premiere launches... no "ask me" menu, whatsoever. I went back to the "auto-play" menu in the control pannel and discovered that it magically switched back to Adobe Premiere instead of the "Ask me every time" option I selected and saved. Um, WTF?

Anyone know how to fix this?

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You may have to take a few additonal steps
type default programs into the search box and
use the "Change AutoPlay settings" for your device and
use the either or both "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" "Set your default programs" to get your computer under control, for instance I have Adobe Acrobat Reader, as well as Adobe Acrobat Pro installed. By default, Acrobat Pro wants to do all things PDF on my computer, but I don't need to open up Pro each time I just want to read a PDF document, so I associated the file extension .pdf to open with Reader instead of Pro. You'll just have to play with it some and determine which file types Premier has taken over and take them back.
the auto play options is only one adjustment you may want to adjust it to "Take no action"
you need to adjust which programs handle particular file extensions and how, you may have to adjust some of this behavior from within the preferences or options of the individual programs themselves as well.

There are some bugs in the early version of CS4. May be try download and install all patches and updates first.

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