"Directories"Where did they go?

Hi all.
From a newby.
Sorry I haven't search the entire forum yet, too much time consuming.
I need to get my work done.

Let me try to be clear here, "I'm French"
I just installed 7 Home premium 32 bits on my Dell laptop.
An hour ago. Started feeding CD's.
I installed Paint Shop Pro X2.
I created a new directory in Corel call "My Photos" Using my program "Total Comander"
I point Paint Shop browser to where I created my folder, And my directory is nowhere to be found.
Using "My Computer" directing it to where I created the folder nowhere to be found either.
Using Window Comander I can see it.
What gives.

Same thing with my PC at home, "Win7 Pro 64"
Photoshop can't find my directories.

Did Microsoft Planted little green man in the background, steeling my directories???
Please help!
Thank you.


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I am not familiar with "Total Commander", but have you tried recreating the directory in the normal way? That is with the right click option in Windows Explorer?

Otherwise, I wonder if "Commander has, for some rason, hidden the folder. Look in Windows explorer - Tools - Folder Options - View and see if you can find the folder after unticking Dont show hidden files...


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I totally agree with RAK's suggestion.

Just use Total Commander as an alternate Windows Explorer replacement.

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