Directx Problems

Okay , Here is the story.
This PC is about 1 year old now , and recently i have been having troubles with Directx
I can start up a game and when i close it down to start up another game i get an error.
And in order to fix this i have to reboot the whole PC.

Few examples:


Diablo 3:

League of Legends (Launcher):

League of Legends (Game):

World of Warcraft:

Dxdiag :

I also got a full DXDIAG report if u need it , any help would be very appreciated.


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It could be you're facing the odd fact that higher DirectX don't include previous DirectX, or games don't recognize them. To play a game, you need DirectX9 --- DirectX11 won't do. It's a quite common issue in TES games = Morrowind etc.

Try to install the precise DirectX the game wants. DirectX versions can live side by side, it shouldn't be a problem.

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