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Hello, I actually have in forder options "Single-click to open an item (point to select).
I really like it because I can open folders with just one click but I don't like (point to select). I like one click to select a file and double clik for open it.
¿There is any way that enables one click for opening folders and one click to select files / two for run files?
There is any option at least for disabling the (point to select) option?.
Thanks in advance!

I don't think it's possible. Microsoft does not have separate click options for files and folders (though that would be a nice feature). Perhaps you can try looking into other file explorers?

The closest I can find is this registry hack. It disables pointing to select.
Single-Click Mode Point to Select - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
Take a look at it, but it's probably not what you want. At least it will no longer select stuff based on where you point, but it will still take open files on single-click. Not to mention it also affects the Start menu and taskbar, meaning you need to click on folders and arrows in the start menu.

Edit: Selecting files is a little difficult with that hack running. Try ctrl+clicking.
Alternatively, you can turn on the "Use check boxes to select items" option.

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