Disable Dell Automatic Software?

How do I stop the Dell DataSafe Local Backup, and Dell Support Center from always randomly trying to do things in the middle of using my computer? Basically, Dell DataSafe keeps telling me to upgrade when I want it to shut up, and Dell Support Center always tries to run something (a framed black window appears abruptly and then goes away. Usually it's trying to run/install something but it ends up failing each time.)

Is there a way to just stop them from doing this…maybe it has something to do with what programs begin to run when I log on to Windows? By the way, I'm not looking to un-install anything...just want to know how to get them to stop prompting me to do stuff.

Also I would like no answer like “Dell sucks, so the solution is get another computer”. I already have my laptop and I can’t just exchange it instantly and at no cost, so please, tell me how to simply disable (not delete) these 2 softwares from doing what I said they do.

Thanks. My OS is Windows 7 and 64-bit.


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Anything Dell is doing should be controllable from either a utility during boot or one of the Dell utilities in the Dell folder.

If not that, you might check the msconfig.exe and look in the Start tab to see if any Dell options are there. You can disable them on startup for testing to see if it stops the problem.

I don't currently have a Dell with the original install on it.

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