?Disable Internet Gateway?

Hi, does any body here knows how to disable the Internet Gateway on Windows Vista RC1? It's really annoying:mad: , it's slowing down my DSL speed alot!:mad: I'm 100% sure that the Internet Gateway is the cause. Because, when i had Windows XP and had the Internet Gateway enable, it did me no good but slow my connection speed down. Until i disabled it. So, anybody, please help.



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what kind of modem/router are you using? Does the modem/router have itself set to "plug-and-play"? The Internet Gateway that you are talking about is usually because of this. do you have the modem/router connected with USB or Ethernet? (hint: try to never use USB if you can help it.. much slower than Ethernet by design) Let me know how it goes.

Hi, my modem is D-Link G604T and it's a Modem/Router,,,combo,,u know,, router and DSL modem in one. and i'm using ehternet as my connection. What should i do next:confused:



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dlinlk g604t

i also have one of these but cannot connect to the Internet in vista at all

what should i do

(Vista Ultimate)

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